Die Wehrmacht 1943 09 15 nr 19 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Cover: machine gunner inspects his weapon; war correspondent Reitzner — Fiorello La Guardia — During a lull in fighting German maintenance soldiers replace a damaged wheel on an armored vehicle; war correspondent Gunther Thiede — German soldiers during demolition process at Orel and Charkow; war correspondent Grah — In the shadows of night – heavy fighting on the East Front — Tiger tank undergoing maintenance somewhere on the East Front; war correspondent Wolff-Altvater — The crew of anti-tank gun IV; drawings by Arlart — The end of a soviet observation post; war correspondent Bohmer — The fate of soviet soldiers; one of them shown drinking form a can labeled “Pork Sausage Meat’; war correspondent Waske — Achtung – Torpedo; war correspondent Richleske — Through a fox hole to the enemy; drawing by Theo Matejko — Herbert Koch — Johann Jattus ad — Hans Uhle — Unteroffizier Respondeck — Fighting in India — DRK sending gifts to German POWs’; photo of a gift to Korvettenkapitaen Otto Kretschner — Luftwaffe in service to improve soldiers’ health at Kuban — last page color photos: Germans troops inspecting line connections on the Kuban front; war correspondent v. Koerber