Die Wehrmacht 1943 09 01 nr 18 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Color cover: chief the Organization Todt (OT) Reichminister Speer in talks with Eichenlaubtraeger (Oak Leaves recipient) Dr. Kupfer, commandor of a Stuka squadron on South East Front; photo by OT – Ilse Steinhoff — After heavy night fighting the food haulers bring hot soup first thing in the morning; photo by war correspondent Bergmann — The grenadiers from Douaumont; heavy fighting at Orel; photos by war correspondent Bergmann — Vanquished from the air: Soviet tanks and armored trains hit by bombs; photos by war correspondent Rauchwetter — The men from Schattenburg: (Eisenbahn-Sicherungsbataillon) rail protection troops in South-East; text and photos by war correspondent Guenther Greiner — Artery to the beach head – German supply efforts in fighting around Kertsch; photos by war correspondents Ltn. Dr. Figlhuber (PBZ) and Ripken (Atl.) — German outpost in the lagoon; photos by war correspondent v. Koerber — Fighting on Sicily; Villarosa; photos by war correspondent Guenther Pilz, text by Schnitzer — Turkey today by Herbert Koch — Ford-Werke A.G. Koeln/Rhein — Finn soldiers on long range recon; text by war correspondent P. Gross-Talmon — Paris and its privinces after three years; text by war correspondent Dr. Erich Lorenz — German troops fighting for their homeland; photos by war correspondent Elle — Celebrating in between fighting – 7th anniversary of Spanish revolt; Obersleutnant Mayano, General der Kavallerie Kleffel, Generalleutnant Esteban; Spanish volunteers; photos by war correspondent Soennke — oriental amusement at the Krim; OT, wounded German soldiers, nurses from Rumanian enjoying music and local art; photos by war correspondent Ilse Steinhoff — Men with guns and motors – NSKK; Transport Ersaz – Abtlg. Gru[ppe Todt Russland Sued; photos by OT Ilse Steinhoff — Tobruk type observation post on Kreta; photo by war correspondent Greiner