Die Wehrmacht 1943 08 04 nr 16 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Front page color drawing: When the Nebelwerfer fires; done by Theo Matejko — A General done with: Wladislaw Sikorski; text by Franz Wulf — At MG 42; photo by war correspondent Uecker — Fighting around Bjelgorod and Orel – Kursk – the war material battle of the East Front; Generaloberst guderian; photos by war correspondents Kripgans, Deman, Ollig, Henisch, SS correspondent Merz — German Nebelwerfer; text by Oberst Graewe, photos by war correspondent Heinz Diestelmann — German navy men become infantry men; text by war correspondent Essig — After a night of allied bombing; text and photos by war correspondent Dr. Kurt Pauli — Knowing-all german paratroopers (Falschirmjaeger); photos by war correspondent Wahner — After the all-clear signal; text by war correspondent Dr. Kurt Pauli — The quiet land – Atlantic Wall in Norway; text by war correspondent Heinz Diestelmann — 220 hours of combat for a tanker ship; text and photo by war correspondent Josef Lagemann — Taming the bull for German soldiers in Southern France; photos by war correspondent Wehner, Kassmann — By the Rumanian Flak; photos by war correspondent Georg Bruetting (Sch) — German defense positions in Norway; text by war correspondent Gert Habedanck, photos by Hasert, Anisch-Negrelli, Volgger, H. Diestelmann; drawing by Wilhelm Mahler; Admiral Ciliax — Last page color photo: German ship crew with binoculars at observation post