Die Wehrmacht 1943 05 12 nr 10 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Color cover photo: building the Atlantic Wall on French Coast; photo by OT war correspondent Clemens — Armeegeneral Schukow — 3 years after Narvik, Generaloberst Dietl on a plane to visit his mountain troops in Finland; photo by war correspondent Maximilian Kuenzner — German front under 70, 55, 45 degree of latitude; General Schoerner; Narvik-Lager; text by war correspondent Ernst Erich Strassl, photos by Werner Spitta, Maximilian Kunzner, gert Habedanck — Base of operation Florescu on Kuban front — crime scene of terror – allied bombers over the 3rd Reich; drawing by Bryan de Grineali — Piloting at great heights; testing of pilots, lung capacity, endurance; archive of Die Wehrmacht — The road from Alasca; text by Herbert Koch — Bases at the Polar Circle; text by war correspondent Dr. Erich Lorenz — SKF F&S bearings — The commander by Clemens Laar — Borgward — Guenther Wagner, Pelikan, printing machine tape — Persenso, Otto Perutz — OT building the defense wall; photos by OT war correspondents Wipfler, Maier, Archive of OT; text by Wilhelm Lotz — SS President Coolidge sunk by mines on 12 December 1942 — Italian coast protected; Italian coastal artillery — Last page color photos: Flak position at Ilmensee and an artillery barge; photos by war correspondent v. d. Becke