Die Wehrmacht 1943 04 14 nr 08 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Color cover: artillery observation point; note the observation hot balloon above; photo by war correspondent Uecker — Draza Mihajlowitsch — Hitler with Geberaloberst Ruoff in his HQ — Battle map of the East Front — The Tiger tank searches for its opponent; text by Heinz Diestelmann, photos by war correspondent Horst Zellmer — … here is the opponent: the American Sherman tank; text by Eberhard Schulz — Fighting the bandits in ex-Yougoslavia; English parachute container captured; burial of 24 German soldiers murdered by partisans somewhere around Belgrad; text by war correspondent Oberltn. Dr. Kurt Pauli, photos by Wurm, Gerhard Baier, Heber — Drawing of civilians marching away from the advancing Soviets; by NSKK war correspondent Theo Matejko — Prosperity in this war; article by Erich Dinse — Vitam-R? – G.M.B.H., Hameln — The Commander by war correspondent Clemens Laar; drawing by Arlart — Hauff Pancola Film — Peri Khasana — Spielkarten – playing cards by Ferd. Piatnik $ Sohne, Wiener Spilkarten-Fabrik — Italians workers contribute to the total war effort; photos by war correspondent Haupt — Leningrad in March; Legion Flandern at Narwa; photos by war correspondent Vaes — The castle of Feijaeger (eastern volunteers); photos by war correspondent van der Piepen — Last page color photos: men from Grossdeutschland division in combat around Charkow; one of the American Jeeps captured by German soldiers; photos by war correspondents Bruno Waske and Horst Zellmer