Die Wehrmacht 1943 03 31 nr 07 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Cover page: Approved by Berlin, the new coastal defense expert arrive on the West Front. Oberslt. I. G. Graf Cavallero; photo by war correspondent Gert Habednach

Michael Iwanowitsch Kalinin

Terror attack: the biggest catholic church the Hedwigskathedrale in flames; photo by war correspondent Mueller-Poechl

The battle of Grafschaft: 420 days at Demiansk; Graf von Brockdorff Ahlefeld; General Seydlitz with General Zorn; photos by war correspondent Beissel, Fenske, Gotschmann

Convoy battle in the classroom; training of German navy cadets; text and photos by war correspondent Dr. Hans Feitl

Engine-less transporters – the future of cargo planes

Back again in Charkow; Waffen-SS troops take back the town; photos by SS war correspondent King, Adendorf, Kaerbisser

An Admiral regrets his lough; Kontradmiral R. L. Burnett escorts convoys to Murmansk on cruiser Scylia

United States of Africa by Franz Wulf

Duerner Metallwerke A. G.

The commander; story by war correspondent Clemens Laar; drawing by Arlart

German balloon observer; photos by war correspondent Uecker

On the beach at Noworossijsk; photos by war correspondent Kleiner

Japan in fight

Last page color photos: Generalmajor Komatsu talking to a worker from Organization Todt while inspecting fortifications on the West FrontĀ 

North African workers helping Germans build defenses on the West Front