Die Wehrmacht 1943 03 17 nr 06 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Map of the world by Dr. Paul Burkert and A. Werner The army of the president; text by Wilhelm Arntz; John L. De Witt Grenadiers from Division Grossdeutschland cleared a village (Westenaschen-Korps); text by war correspondent Bruno Waske, photos by Clemens Laar Maps of the hot spots in the eastern front German recon troops in the high mountains of the Nrth Front; photos by war correspondent Hirschfelder Flak on rails (Eisenbahn-Flak); photos by war correspondent Hagen Tunis a foreign world; text and photos by war correspondent Lutz Koch Die germanischen Freiwilligen der Waffen-SS: volunteers from Legion Niederlande, Freikorps Daenemark at Leningrad, Legion Norwegen, SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division Wiking; photos by SS war correspondent Dr. Walter Best The great four by Erich Dinse Italians in combat: 3000 kilometers between Corsica and East Front; Division Julia, Italian Alpenjaeger; photos by Luck New U-Boot tactics against protected convoys