Die Wehrmacht 1943 03 03 nr 05 Ausgabe A (PDF)



The last few hours of German resistance in Stalingrad. German General fighting in the midst of his troops; drawing by NSKK war correspondent Theo Matejko Generalleutnant K.A.N. Anderson Women effort in the total war; photo of a German lady working with cables; photo by Siemens German armor and infantry battling Soviet troops seeking breakthrough around frozen Ladoga Sea; photos by war correspondent Freckmann (H.H.) Gueterwagen der Luftwaffe: German Air forces supplying their troops; photo of transport pilot Ritterkreuztraeger Kraeussel; Dauerbrot C Franz Merten; text and photos by war correspondent Guenther Pilz Training recruits in diving; text and photo by war correspondent Dr. Feitl Hungarian troops fighting for their future The will for victory Finnish ladies (Lottas) in war effort A road under roofs OT troops building roofs over a road somewhere in Norway; photos by OT war correspondent Maier Russian auxiliary troops helping Wehrmacht; photos by war correspondent von der Piepen Chinas national road to war; text by Heinz Diestelmann Drawing of German troops by war correspondent Arlart A letter to a brother; text by war correspondent Martin Raschke Italian speed boats (MAS) on Ladoga Sea; photos by war correspondent Dr. Betz (Sch.) Barrage ballon being launched from a ship; photos by war correspondent Adler (H.H.) Not a sacrifice is too small German women in war effort Last page color photos from Stalingrad campaign; german infantry and artillery in position; photos by war correspondent Heine