Die Wehrmacht 1943 02 17 nr 04 Ausgabe A (PDF)



Cover page: German Africa Korps (DAK)soldiers resting with some Arabs in an Oases; photo by war correspondent Moosmueller

The sensational pilot: James H. Doolittle

At Toropez: German counterattack destroyed Soviet troops; photo by war correspondent Hermann

Stalingrad: my group was there; the soldiers give their accounts of this epic straggle; photos by war correspondents Herber and Eiermann; drawings by Arlart

It was about hours

German paratroopers (Fallschirmjaeger) first in Tunis; photos by war correspondent Habedanck and Pirath

Without pause, German troops fighting endless Soviet attacks in severe winter conditions; photos by war correspondent v.d. Becke, Hermann and Sepp Jaeger

German destroyer after combat on the north front; photos by war correspondent Froehlich and Langegger

Until the last bullet: Rumanian and Croatian troops at Stalingrad

Der Kommandeur by war correspondent Clemens Laar

So run MacArthur

Attack-ramming-sinking: Kapitaenleutnant Mohr tells the story with Dr. Paul Burkert

Giarabub – Italian film about fighting in Africa

Rommel’s 55 nurses; text by war correspondent Hurtmanns, photos by Valtingoyer

Tunis seen from above

Color photos on last page: winter in Africa compared to winter in Black Sea (ship G. Sirtori); photos by war correspondent Dr. Hans Feitl