Die Wehrmacht 1943 02 03 nr 03 Ausgabe A (PDF)



With determination and perseverance fights the German Front in the East; photo by war correspondent Muck

Richard Gardiner Casey

Battle faces: German soldier with a cigarette right after the last round was shot; photo by war correspondent Hermann

The German Army and the terrain occupied on 30 of January; text by Hauptmann Otto Brues

Faces in the battle: German troops on the Eastern Front; photos by war correspondent Hermann and Sepp Jaeger

Defense towers in the east front; photos by war correspondent Goetze (H.H.)

At the Jefna-Pass in Africa; photos by war correspondent Gross (Atl.)

Italians against the British superior numbers in the African Front; photos by war correspondent Luce

The first battle with oil tankers in Atlantic; text by Dr. Paul Burkert, drawing by Arlart

Fiat tank advertisement

In between missions: Rumanina pilots at Don River; photos by Rumanian war correspondents

Croats in the second year on the eastern front

A little vacation on a German support cruiser; photos by war correspondent Tischer, Kraupa-Tuskany

Last page cover photos: The old roman aqueducts by the main road to Tunis (Kubelwagen); German soldiers buying fruits on a Tunisian market; both photos by war correspondent Gert Habedanck