Die Wehrmacht 1943 01 06 nr 01 Ausgabe A (PDF)



German tanks in the port of Toulon. Large balls used for nets; photo by war correspondent Bruno Wanke

The SOS General Brehon B. Somervell Hermann Goering 50 years old; photo by war correspondent Eitel Lange

German Front on the defense, fighting Soviet troops every step; photos by war correspondent Kraayvanger, Meyer-Noelle, Deutsche Wochenschau

For the first time: Yankees before us; shot down US fighter at Tebourba; first captured US soldiers and equipment in Tunis; photos by war correspondent Dr. Hans Feitl

West Front North Africa; photos by war correspondent Gert Habedanck

The other side, the first captured Yankee (landing troops, combined operations) and a captured British paratrooper Hand grenades next to a surgeon knives: medical point on the East Front; photos by war correspondent Hiltner

Croatian troops on the Black Sea

Front positions in Finnland

The Mediterranean Sea; text by Hanns-Eberhard Dammer

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Since 1800 The victorious year of Japanese armies

Free time in Marseille, Pont Transbordeur, Notre Dame de la Garde; photos by war correspondent Bruno Waske, text by Dr. Erich Lorenz

Italian troops in the province; Italian mountain troops at Chaine de la St. Beaume, Promenade des Anglais; photos by war correspondent Bruno Waske

Color photos on the last page: 8,8 Flak firing somewhere on the front in Libya; Heavy MG positions holding soviets at bay around Terek