Die Panzerfaust Illustrierte Sonderausgabe (PDF)


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Die Panzerfaust Illustrierte Sonderausgabe der Feldzeitung einer Panzerarmee 1942 ….. Special edition magazine of the field newspaper Panzerfaust with 102 pages full with pictures from the East Front campaign ….. Main subjects: Generalobert Hoth, Barbarossa, Sobotniki, Lithuania, Duna, war correspondents: Leutnant Hensellek, v. Reppert-Bismarck, Olita, Wilna, Minsk, Witebsk, Pioniere (Engineers), Soviet air force destroyed on the ground, famous Russian camouflage, Smolensk, T-34 tanks, KV Tanks, Soviet streets, DRK (German Red Cross), …… Published by the Panzer Prop. Komp. 697 1942