Diamond Dust 1945 06 08 nr 03 (PDF)



737 Tankers Teamed Well With Division ….. Tank Destroyers Like Their Home, 803d Has Proud History; Hurtgen Forest, Lt. Col. Charles W. Goodwin, Donald J. Brown from Tacoma, Wash., Sgt. Russ J. Morgan from Flint, Mich., Maj. Charles R. Mayes from Bainbridge, Ga., Ed. D. Pillsbury, Ed Jutkiewicz from Dorchester, Mass., capture of crippled Hungarian Navy at Passau ….. 10th, 46th Sew On 7th Overseas Bar, Andre Kason “Hershey bar” ….. Four Hundred to Fly Home in Next Group ….. River Crossings Highlight Long Record of Fifth ….. Battlefield Bars Won by 36 EM ….. High Points Thin Band’s Ranks; Vets Played in Seven Countries ….. How To Wear Decorations Cartoon ….. Proposed Shoulder Patch designed by 1st Sgt. Frank Boik of Detroit, Mich. ….. Red Cross Directors On Hand to Help ….. Sports ….. Eleventh Used Million Dollars Worth of Ammo ….. Lana Turner ….. Male Call comic