Diamond Dust 1945 05 25 nr 01 (PDF)



5th Unearths Schewa Scheps from Dombrowa-Grube before and after captivity Another SS Brutality, village of Volary, 803rd Tank Destroyer, Henry N. Hooper ….. Staffs Planning Recreation Eden, Danube river ….. Letter To Americans from Gerda Weisman, Aaron Cahan, Chaplain Herman Dicker ….. Corporal Steve De Hudy of Muskegon, Michigan … Capt. William T. Carey and John R. Lautz – Jeep Divers Deluxe ….. Duffel Bags Enroute, Metz ….. Special Service Initiates Large Sport Calendar ….. Ballad by Lt. Keith Hubbard ….. Volari Atrocity – Foot March from Auschwitz and Gruneberg to Flossenburg ….. Red Star Mixes With Red Diamond, Dehudy Plays Party Interlocutor, Major General Bogdanov ….. Div. Arty. ‘Air Force’ Begin New ‘Taxi Cub’ Business