Der Adler 1944 01 04 nr 01 (PDF)




German Air Force (Luftwaffe) magazine. 12 pages
Here are the headlines/content :”German Nachtjaeger are Hunting the Enemy … Night fighter-pilots: Oberst Grabmann, Major Streib, Majro zur Lippe, Hauptman Meurer, Oberleutnant Struening; story by Helmut Grosse … Floating crane lifting plane wrecks out of watter … German fighters agains US terror bombers … Knight Cross recipients: Hauptmann Strakeljahn, Major Class, Major Ehle, Major Hoefer, Major Graupner, Hauptmann Mayr, Hauptmann Boehm, Hauptmann Schweizer, Hauptmann Sigmund, Oblt. Jungclausen, Leutnant Krumminga”
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