Vol. XXVIII No. 1

Cover: A plodding wafer buffalo, pulling a primitive wagon reminiscent of past centuries, dips its horns in salute to a giant, tireless Curtiss Commando as it flies low over ancient China, in this picturesque photograph by an Army Signal Corps cameraman. Commandos have helped , bring new life to China by lugging the supplies vital to war over the Hump. ……. Articles Inside :

“Now, Hear This …” – Salute To Helldivers By Commander David McCampbell, USN …..

It’s Twins! Unusual Cargo Carried by a Commando – Commando Carries Two Cubs at Once …..

Production Soars in ’44 Report on Curtiss-Wright Family Year …..

P-40, Fightin’est Warplane of All Time – Brilliant History of Curtiss Fighters …..

“Rockpile” Research – Test Pilot’s Tenure in CBI …..

The Ascender – New Plane That Appears to Fly Backward …..

Columbus Wins “E” Flag – Coveted Award for SB2C Builders …..

Hit the Deck! – Graphic Photos of Carrier Landing Operations …..

Kitchen in the Sky – Unusual Galley in CW-20 …..

Harmonizing Plane Builders – Singing Groups in Division Plants …..

Hitting Hirohito Where It Hurts – Spectacular Pictures of Helldivers in Action ……

“King Size” Job – New Projects at Louisville …..

Fast Freight in the Pacific – Marine Commando Operations …..

Veteran Trouper Stars Again – P-40 Scores in “God Is My Co-Pilot” …..

People, Places, Planes …..

Photos of Interest to Airplane Division …..

“Dash Four”-“Beast” of the Fleet. – New SB2C Now in Action