Vol. XXVI No. 6

Cover: Curtiss SB2C Helldiver dive bombers line up for takeoff on the deck of a new U. S. aircraft carrier. The new “fists of the fleet” are shown in an official U.S. Navy color photo. ……. Articles Inside :

Helldiver – Curtiss SB2C, Navy’s “Sunday” punch, makes smashing debut against Japs …..

Raymond Blaylock, Helldiver Designer …..

Capt. J. W. C. Brand, USN …..

Damned to Glory – ‘Autobiography’ of the Curtiss P-40 By Col. Robert L. Scott Jr. …..

High Road to China – Curtiss C-46 Commandos Make Aviation History by Flying Tons of Vital Cargo on Aerial Burma Road By Elmer G. Losch …..

Action . . . Camera! at Curtiss …..

Masefield Lauds Curtiss Planes ….. ‘Old Sock’ – Still Socking – Curtiss SOCs Help PT Boats Stop Japanese, on the Tokyo Express By Lieut. George W. Polk, USNR. …..

Naval “Sergeant York” in Curtiss Seagull Captures 150 Italians By Ensign O. H. Townsend, USNR. …..

‘I Jumped From a Curtiss Commando’ As Told to Cpl. Carl Happel …..

Oxygen Makes the Difference – Pilots Fly High Altitude in New Chamber at Curtiss …..

Four Against Forty – New Zealand Fliers in P-40s, greatly outnumbered, rout Japs, downing five. ( Furnished to the Fly Leaf by the New Zealand Legation in Washington, D. C. ) …..

Power of Suggestion – Ideas of Curtiss Workers Speed Plane Production and Save Vital Materials …..

  1. of C. Visits Columbus Plant …..
  2. George M. Ebert – Directs Division Finances …..

People, Places, Planes …..

Battle Saga of the Curtiss P-40 By Roosevelt Der Tatevasion …..

Silver pins awarded