Vol. XXVI No. 5

Cover: Joan Sounders, first girl hired in the Curtiss-Buffalo Engineering Department in Plant 2, is shown at work as illustrator in Developments and Armaments Department, Research Laboratory, Buffalo. She began as a tracer in January, 1942. Photograph by Frank Foye ……. Articles Inside: …

Commandos Carry the Freight – America’s Global Transport Rushes Military Supplies to Every Front …..

“B”-40s Over Burma – Kittyhawks with 1,000-Pound Bombs Wreak Havoc among the Japanese. By Capt. Luther Davis 10th Air Force …..

Books That Fly – Handbooks, manuals, catalogs are vital when planes are put in shape on flying fronts. By Donald C. Franklin , Supervisor of Handbooks Engineering …..

Aviation Album – Photos of the Eugene Ely flights off the USS Pennsylvania and USS Birmingham. …..

Engineering Cadettes By Warren Bruner , Co-ordinator, Cadette Training Program …..

Subcontractors Do the Job By J. F. Reinhart …..

Curtiss Shrike – A-25 Attack Bomber Tows Troop-Carrying Glider in Army Test: Plane Proves Power and Sturdiness …..

Destruction – Impact of Warhawk’s Six Guns Surpasses Force of 13-Ton Tank. By Leo E. Murphy …..

St. Louis Family Day – St. Louis Style …..

P-40 Battle Saga – Chapter 4: Yank Fliers Puncture Jap ‘Zero Bubble’ with Victories in P-40s. By Roosevelt Der Tatevasion …..

Three New Vice-Presidents ( Frank H. Harrison , E. J. Harrington and R.J. Lindquist ) …..

People, Places, Planes …..

40th Anniversary of Flight Celebrated …..

Bell Heads Aircraft Councils ( Lawrence D. Bell ) …..

P-40s Wear the Red Star ( Maj. Peter A. Pokryshev and Lt. Col. Peter Piliutov ) …..

Girl Helps Train Pilots ( Dorothy Mackay ) …..

Buffalo Plants Win T Flag ( Treasury Flag for 100% Bond Drive Participation )