Vol. XXVI No. 4

Cover: John Patouhas (left) and Joel Baker, Production Test Pilots at Curtiss-Buffalo, mapping a flight on Commando transport shown in background. Photograph by Frank Foye. ……. Articles Inside :

Airpower Paved the Way for Italy’s Surrender – Role of Curtiss P-40 Fighters and Fighter-Bombers in Campaign That Blasted Axis from Africa and Set Stage for Italy’s downfall By Roosevelt Der Tatevasion …..

Five Plants to Built – Army Orders Record Number of Huge Transport Planes ….. Commandos …..

Handy Language – Pilots Describe Their Battle Exploits With a Minimum of Words …..

They Came-They Saw – Family Day at Buffalo Plants Attracts 250,000 Men, Women and Children; Visitors See Demonstrations …..

Wrens and Seagulls – Women of the British Navy Make Final Check on Curtiss S03C-1s Before Planes Join Royal Fleet …..

Midway to Honolulu – P-40s Fly 1,300 Miles Non-stop Over the Pacific …..

They Fly ’em First – Test Pilots of Curtiss-Wright’s Airplane Division Are Doing Vitally Important Job …..

Colonel Richards …..

Columbus Factory Manager …..

Building Production Soldiers – Labor, Management Support Drive to Reduce Absenteeism, Boost Output …..

Curtiss builds 10,000 P-40s …..

Subcontractors Inspect C-46 – Curtiss Commando Displayed in 13 Cities on Two Tours …..

People, Places, Planes …..

Gov. Dewey a Visitor …..

Curtiss P-40s Smash Axis – 13-1/2 to 1 in 50 Combats