Camp Wolters – A Camera Trip Through Camp Wolters II (PDF)




32 pagesa
History of Camp Wolters ……. Here is your Camp Wolters, a photo-record of faces and places to hold for you the memory of your first days in Our Army at this infantry replacement training center. No matter what sort of training you received at Walters, be it in a rifle company, a heavy weapons company, or any of the specialist outfits, here you will find graphic recollections of you and your buddies at the |ob, preparing, by sweating and working and fighting, to bring peace to the world. See, also, in this booklet, a pictorial record of your off-duty hours at Camp Wolters; chapel services, dance nights at the service club, with those busloads of lovely young ladies from nearby communities, and scenes reminiscent of hours on the athletic field as you played hard for “B” or “C” company, or for your battalion or regiment. Here, then, for most of you, is an album of familiar scenes to help you recall your first days of training in Uncle Sam’s Victory Army as fighting men in the ranks of the Queen of Battles, the United States Infantry. Remember Camp Wolters, deep in the heart of Texas and three miles from Mineral Wells. It stands a tribute to itself in neatness, cleanliness, attractiveness, and training efficiency. Remember, in these scenes, your officers, your non-commissioned officers, and your buddies who were with you on those long marches, night problems, rifle ranges, and other phases of your basic training as YOU began the trek to Victory at Wolters.