Camp Swift – A Camera Trip Through Camp Swift – Texas (PDF)




32 pages
Camp Swift in Brief ……. Situated in the heart of Central Texas, Camp Swift, covering an area in excess of 52,000 acres, lies near the center of a triangle composed of the towns of Bastrop, Elgin and Smithville. Nearest large city is Austin, the State capital, 34 miles away. Camp Swift has been called, by soldiers and officers who have been stationed in numerous camps, one of the nation’s model training centers. It is situated on rolling ground, drainage being taken care of naturally. Climatically it is perhaps as nearly ideal as any camp, for while the Texas summer sun is hot, nights are invariably cool, this area being fanned by breezes from the Gulf of Mexico. Winter temperature of the area is moderate. Soldiers of Camp Swift are quartered in comfortable, modern barracks, and the Post affords all needed facilities. These include numerous War Department theatres, five Service Clubs, a number of Post Exchanges, swimming pools, and open air dance pavilions. Transportation between the Camp and the nearby towns is provided by buses. Entertainment of Camp Swift soldiers has become a major activity of residents of the nearby towns, and thousands of men from the Camp visit these places each week end, and have come to recognize Texas hospitality as a very tangible quality. Camp Swift is officially designated as the 1849th Unit, Eighth Service Command, Army Service Forces.