Camp Stewart, Georgia – ‘The South’s Antiaircraft Training Center (PDF)



36 pages
The Booklet’s description of the Camp: … The Antiaircraft Training Center at Camp Stewart, Georgia, under the command of Brigadier General Earl H. Metzger, is one of the largest military reservations in the country. Created by act of Congress in June, 1940, it embraces approximately 280,000 acres in seven south Georgia counties. The camp was named for General Daniel Stewart, Revolutionary War hero and a native of Liberty County, Georgia, in which the Headquarters and cantonment areas of the military post are situated. First actual construction work on the huge firing area was started in September, 1940. By February 1, 1941, all housing and troop facilities of the camp were virtually completed, after more than 5,000 workers had been employed, hundreds of buildings and tent structures erected and miles of paved roads laid down. The camp was literally carved out of virgin pine and cypress forests of coastal Georgia, yet the builders set a new construction record. Since the first unit arrived at the camp in the fall of 1940, a large number of regiments and separate battalions of A. A. Artillery have been trained in the highly technical phases of antiaircraft warfare, and this work continues at accelerated speed.

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