Camp Stewart – A Camera Trip Through Camp Stewart (PDF)



32 pages
History of Camp Stewart ……. Training anti-aircraft soldiers how to shoot down the enemy is the vital and grim business of the South’s great Anti-aircraft Artillery Training Center at Camp Stewart. This military reservation in south coastal Georgia – in a period of two years – was pieced together like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle from approximately 450 square miles of pine and cypress woodlands. One of the most modern training camps anywhere, it is capable of training many thousands of troops in the arts of Twentieth Century warfare and simultaneously taking care of their every need and comfort. “Shoot ‘Em Down” is the ominous motto of the camp; and the almost ceaseless BOOM of anti-aircraft guns on the vast Stewart ranges is ample evidence of the singleness of purpose that imbues the camp. The Army Service Forces have a Service Command here under the Fourth Service Command, Atlanta, Ga. This permanent ASF installation, with a slogan of “Serving Always,” sees to it that the anti-aircraft troops are properly housed, fed, supplied and equipped at all times. The camp was named after General Daniel Stewart, Revolutionary War hero and doughty Indian fighter who lived in the vicinity of the present reservation. General Stewart, who was a direct ancestor of President Theodore Roosevelt, married the sister of Charlton Hines, pioneer who founded historic Hinesville, the Liberty County seat located one mile from the camp’s main entrance. Liberty County gave three signers to the Declaration of Independence, hence the name. Stewart has what is believed to be the largest V-For-Victory in the nation. The camp’s headquarters and hutment area is laid out in the shape of a gigantic “V”. To the tempo of military music played by AAATC bands, at Retreat, on the firing ranges; at concerts, Camp Stewart is adding its bit to the ever-increasing might of the United Nations that will one day destroy the two remaining members of the anxious Axis.