Camp Springs Army Air Base – Washington, D.C. (PDF)



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Located about 10 miles southeast of the nation’s Capitol, Camp Springs Field is the home of the 122nd AAF Base Unit ( CCTS-F ) and the 161st AAF Base Unit ( FC ). The Base is unique in that it is dispersed as one would find such a field in a theater of operations. Its 4,400 acres are set in a forest of scrawny pine and oak which nearly obscures many of its facilities. Colonel William L. Boyd is Commanding Officer. A veteran pilot who was at Hickam Field, T.H., when the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor, Colonel Boyd was awarded the Purple Heart and cited for outstanding leadership and courage in the action that followed. Camp Springs Field was established in November of 1942 as a base of the First Air Force. On 15 December 1944, Headquarters of the Continental Air Forces was activated at Camp Springs Field, with Brigadier General Eugene H. Beebe in command.