Camp Roberts – The Story of Camp Roberts (PDF)



32 pages
Camp Roberts, located on the Salinas River and Highway 101 approximately halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, is named after Corporal Harold W. Roberts, California born enlisted man who gave his life for a comrade in World War I. One of the largest Infantry and Artillery Replacement Training Centers in the world, Camp Roberts covers an area of 47,000 acres. More than 9,000 workmen spent 6,000,000 man hours building this huge camp. An ultra-modern hospital, with a capacity of approximately 1,300 beds, is maintained for the soldiers. Nine Chapels, in which services for each of the three great faiths are held, dot the camp. The American Red Cross, housed in its own building, has a large staff in attendance. The Soldier Bowl, a natural amphitheater large enough to hold the entire personnel of the camp, is an ideal setting for the many outdoor shows. On its stage, constructed after the California Mission style, world famous stars of stage, screen and radio have appeared. The Sports Arena is a huge gymnasium where soldiers may take any of various forms of exercise. It is the scene of theatricals and sports shows during the winter months. A Service Club is maintained for the exclusive use of the enlisted men and their guests. It contains a lounge, cafeteria and a well-stocked library. A Guest House, where relatives and guests of soldiers may secure emergency accommodations for not to exceed three days, is centrally located. Four theaters offer the latest in film entertainment. Three bowling alleys, each with eight alleys, are provided. Recreation halls are located in each of the battalion areas. Camp Exchanges, in each of the regimental areas, sell toilet articles, magazines, candy, writing materials, soft drinks, beer and other items. Tailor and barber shops are also located in each Camp Exchange. The Camp Roberts DISPATCH, written by soldiers, for soldiers, distributes more than 15,000 copies free of charge each week.