Camp Phillips – A Camera Trip Through Camp Phillips (PDF)



36 pages
In the geographical center of the United States, mid the rolling fields of Kansas wheat lies Camp Phillips, one of our nation’s newest training centers. This huge garrison has, from the start, answered the nation’s call for soldiers and has, through its splendid training facilities, equipped these soldiers with the ability to do their jobs well. That’s Camp Phillips, a thriving military community, located on the same curving plains which, in years past, echoed to the beat of Indian ponies, the drums of the charging cavalry, and the ping of the musket as settlers brought down their buffalo. It’s a country on whose honor roll are printed the names of the brave pioneers who forged their way westward and who fought to establish this land for their and their descendants’ sake. William A. Phillips, a one-time newspaper correspondent, established the first townsite here, and during the civil war became a colonel of a regiment of Cherokee Indians. It is in his honor the camp is named. The criss-cross tracks of jeeps, half-tracks, heavy equipment and marching troops now churn the dust of the area which was once known as the northern end of the Chisholm Trail. Admittedly an ace among Army training camps, Camp Phillips does more than that towards the welfare of the troops stationed here. Her laundry and bakery compare favorably with those of large cities. Her warehouse area handles all supply problems with ease. The many chapels on the post serve many religions. The Army Exchanges handle huge volumes of soldier sales and the Recreation Halls and Service Clubs plus the theaters and U. S. O. features supply the soldiers’ needs for recreational and entertainment facilities. Soldiers training here respect Camp Phillips for the education they are receiving, for the background they receive in making them members of the finest fighting unit in the world.