Camp Maxey – A Camera Trip Through Camp Maxey (PDF)



History of Camp Maxey ……. Camp Maxey is located about eight miles north of Paris, Texas. It was activated July 15th, 1942 with Lieut. Col. C. H. Palmer as Camp Commander. The 102nd Infantry Division was the first division to be organized here and was activated on September 15th, 1942, with Gen. John B. Anderson as the Commander General. Col. Robert O. Annin became the second Camp Commander on March 25th, 1943. Since its activation, thousands of soldiers have been trained here for combat and other active duties overseas. Camp Maxey was named in honor of General Sam Bell Maxey who served the U. S. Army in a distinguished manner during the Civil War and later served as U. S. Senator for the State of Texas. He was a resident of Paris. Besides the division in training here, there are many non-divisional troops and soldiers of the Station Complement. During maneuvers, the Army Air Forces cooperates in the training program by providing fliers for training missions. Thus, the Army Ground Forces, Army Service Forces and Army Air Forces have had an integral part in the development of Camp Maxey activities. The great variety found in northern Texas terrain provides this Camp with ideal facilities for working out Infantry problems. The installations include many features of training for modern battle conditions. The Artillery has its own range along with those furnished for the smaller caliber guns. The obstacle course presents stiff problems while the infiltration course along with the “German Village” provide a reality to the problems which are outstanding in such maneuvers. It is fortunate that Camp Maxey is located so close to Paris, which is a beautiful city of 18,678 people. The Paris citizens have graciously offered many recreational activities and a spirit of helpfulness between the city and camp has developed through the desire of both soldier and citizen to speed the war effort as much as possible. The facilities on the Post for the soldier’s comfort have been carefully considered. The picture story in this book tells of a soldier’s life here at Camp Maxey: the comfortable living quarters; the soldierly routine; the recreational facilities; the opportunities for church going; the Post Exchange with itsmanyBranches;the good libraries for Enlisted Men and Officers and of course, the vital story of training to make the world’s best Infantrymen.