Camp Livingston Louisiana (PDF)




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This is Camp Livingston. It’s one of the best of the south’s many training camps and named for Robert Livingston, famous jurist and ambassador and known as “the father of the Louisiana purchase.” Situated in the midst of the Kisatchie National Forest, the camp comprises about 4,000 acres and boasts a 40,800-acre firing range at nearby Breezy Hill. First buildings sprang up here in the fall of 1940 and the camp was formally activated on Feb. 10, 1941. First division to undergo training was the crack 32nd, which has already won the commendation of General Douglas MacArthur. You’ll find the climate is moderate and, although changeable, is ideal for year-round training. The main idea here, whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, is to teach you to soldier. The new men will have basic training for several weeks, the oldsters will continue their training and begin to take on a lot of polish. But whether you’re a rookie or a veteran you’ll have to work hard. Your timing must be accurate. Your discipline must be perfect. Your unit and the other units it supports must click like a smooth working football team. This is war and a great deal is dependent upon how well you do your job.