Camp Lejeune (PDF)


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From two hundred square of North Carolinian coastal wilderness, sand dunes, swamps, thin pines, tangled jungle growth, has emerged Camp Lejeune, greatest of Marine base training centers. On this site the reservation came into being through the sweat and toil of pre-Pearl Harbor Marines. Many of those fighting men are in the Pacific combat zone now. But thousands follow in their New River footsteps, sleep in their huts and tents, train in their combat schools. And more are coming! Here at New River is Fleet Marine Headquarters for the entire eastern seaboard. Here are the infantry, tanks, amphibious tractors, rifle ranges, heavy artillery, Paramarines, engineers, school battalion. Here operate those famous Higgins landing boats from which Marines tumble into the surf to establish beach heads. The New River area was chosen because of its natural advantages. Probably to a greater degree than any other eastern tract it spreads before training Marines the actual conditions they are later to encounter in combat. It readies Marines for amphibious as well as warfare. It is a stark reality. The reservation lies on both sides on New River. On the south side is the temporary “Tent Camp speeded to completion as part of the Marine Corps emergency expansion. Along the north banks of the stream are being constructed permanent brick accommodations for many thousands of Marines. Enlisted men receive their “boot” training at other bases, then come to New River for advanced instruction. They come as willing but unskilled recruits. They emerge as fighting, efficient units of combat teams. They’re ready for battle and go to battle from Camp Lejeune.