Camp Lee – Quartermaster Replacement Center (PDF)



40 pages + picture from a soldier who was the original owner of this booklet.
On this land, hallowed by America’s war for independence and by the battles of the War Between the States, and named in tribute to the South’s great soldier, General Robert E. Lee, Camp Lee twice has risen to take its place in American military history. Site of training for World War I’s famed 80th Division in 1917, the camp was torn down to become a State bird sanctuary two years later. With the emergency of 1940, as by magic, another Camp Lee sprang up, and early in 1941 undertook its mission, to produce American soldiers. Here is the Recruit Reception Center, where new men are received, classified, and assigned. Here is the Quartermaster School, training officers for their places of leadership. Here are medical units, service units, and the many other branches that go into the making of a modern Army. And here is the nation’s largest Quartermaster Replacement Training Center . . .