Camp Gordon, Georgia (PDF)




Reville! ……. Camp Gordon, Georgia, located some 14 miles from the hospitable city of Augusta, Georgia, is a streamlined, motorized Triangular Division Camp, utilizing the Rectangular Block Pian which provides complete centralized control of the units, and so designed that it can be expanded 35 per cent without increasing utility facilities. It embraces 63,000 acres, has an elevation of 475 feet. The Camp is named after Lieutenant General John B. Gordon of the Confederate Army. First actual construction work started August 11, 1941. Dedication on October 18, 1941, featured as principal speaker the present Lieutenant General Brehon D. Somervell, now Commander of the Services of Supply, Army of the United States. The first troops arrived December 15, 1941. Complete with all the latest types of firing ranges and training courses, Camp Gordon has 820,000 square yards of paved motor parks, and a 125-acre parade ground one and one-quarter miles long and a quarter mile wide. It has its own bakery, laundry, Service Club, Post Exchanges – and is the only camp in the country with its own golf driving range and putting green for enlisted men.