Camp Davis – Introducing Camp Davis (PDF)



Davis is one of the great training centers of World War II. It is also One of the first war camps built. Intended as an antiaircraft training center, the first troops arrived in April, 1941, less than five months after construction commenced, and eight months before Pearl Harbor. Since then Camp Davis has become the focal point of all Army activities on the 320 mile Carolina coastline, training and serving all types of arms and services that compose a modern army. Seeking isolation from interference to insure uninterrupted training, the camp proper is located in the great Holly Shelter pocosin whose massive silence is now broken by the din of ack-ack, while the shores near Sears Landing echo the cannonade of larger calibers. Nor is this the first time that the noise of war has broken the peace of these lowlands, still haunted by the memories of Indians and pirates, slavers and Spanish marauders, Regulators and Taxmasters, Green and Cornwallis, and climaxed by the greatest naval bombardment in the world’s history at Fort Fisher. Now a new chapter is written here, as men bivouac on these same trails to prepare for global service. Camp Davis has touched the lives of many thousands in this war. This booklet is intended for them as a reminder of things accomplished and an inspiration to share with pride this great war center built by men now speeding the day of Victory on the world’s battle fronts.