Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin 1944 07 (PDF)



Number 328
76 pages
Cover: The open bow of an LCV frames a closeup of the invasion of France (see page 2) as American soldiers wade through waist deep surf toward the Normandy beach, swept by German machine-gun fire ( Official U.S. Coast Guard photograph ). ……. Articles Inside: ….. We Invade Marianas, Rout Jap Fleet ….. Admiral Halsey Heads 3d Fleet ….. Amphibs Hit France – 4,000 Ships, Thousands of Smaller Craft Land Allied Troops on Coast of Normandy ….. Enlisted Men Into Officers – Increasing Proportion of New Appointments Go to Personnel From Ranks…Commissioning of Civilians Sharply Curtailed ….. Looking at the Men and Women Behind the Fleet – Manpower Survey Helps Navy Shift Personnel for Maximum Efficiency. By John A. Stevenson ….. Competition for ‘Sea Lawyers’ – 650 Legal Assistance Officers Now Giving Advice to Naval Personnel and Dependents ….. TBF Pilots Describe Fireworks In First Rocket Attack on U-Boat ….. Navy Tug Tows Tanker 950 Miles–Stern First ….. Two PTs Battle Two Nazi DDs ….. Royal Navy Changing – Old Customs Linger, But a New Note of American Influence Is Creeping In. By Hanson W. Baldwin ….. Troopship! – War Dept. Pamphlet No. 21-6 ….. The Catalina Kids – Their Specialty Is Snatching Downed Aviators from Under the Japs’ Noses ….. Legislative Matters of Naval Interest ….. ‘Five Magazine Explosions Were Counted in the Enemy Battle Line’ ….. The Tools That Make Invasions Possible ….. Floating Pontoon Turns Into Invasion Ferry ….. Invasion Armada – With Tools Like These, Amphibious Warfare Is Opening Up The Roads to Berlin and Tokyo ….. New Books in Ship’s Libraries ….. The Month’s Alnavs in Brief ….. Letters to the Editor ….. The Month’s News ….. Ralph A. Bard Named As Undersecretary ….. The War at Sea: U.S. Navy Communiques and Pertinent Excerpts Of Other Official Reports ….. What Is Your Naval I.Q.? ….. How Casualties From Beach Were Handled ….. Letters to the Editor ….. Decorations and Citations ….. BuPers Bulletin Board ….. Index for July 1944