Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin 1944 06 (PDF)



Number 327
76 pages
Cover: Navy’s official photographic portrait of the late Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy from 1940 till his death on 28 April (see page 2).

Articles Inside:

The Navy Loses a Leader

James Forrestal Named New SecNav

Teamwork Wins Emirau and Hollandia

Enlisted Promotion Rules Tightened

Do You Need Extra Vitamins?

Midway and the Two Years After

V-Discs for the Navy

Achievements of V-12 Program

Sailing Vessels of the Atlantic

Ship’s Service

What Happens When a DD Goes Down

Cruiser X Comes of Age

AOL-AWOL and What To Do About It

Submarine Rescues U. S. Flyers at Truk


Letters to the Editor

The Month’s News

The War at Sea: Communiques

Decorations and Citations

BuPers Bulletin Board