Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin 1944 04 (PDF)



Number 325
76 pages

Cover: A gun captain on a U. S. battleship holds a clip of 40-mm. shells ready to be loaded into a Borfors antiaircraft gun.

Articles Inside:

One-Two-Three Punch

Carrier Raids

More Than an Even Break

The Camera: Our Aerial Spy

Classified Matter Now in Four Categories

Springboards for Fleets

NavWarMap Issued

What Is Your Naval I. Q.?

Prisoners of War

Tell It to the Padre

Teamwork Wrecks the ‘Tokyo Express’

Legislative Matters of Navy Interest

‘Toast to the Navy’

‘Their Skipper’


Letters to the Editor

The Month’s News

The War at Sea: Communiques

Decorations and Citations

BuPers Bulletin Board