Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin 1944 03 (PDF)



Number 324
76 pages

Cover: Flight-deck crewmen of a Navy aircraft carrier watch a Hellcat fighter, waved off as it came in for a landing, climb to circle for another approach. The picture was taken during a strike into the Jap-held Marshalls shortly before our amphibious attack (story on page 5).

Articles Inside:

Navy Attacks Truk

The Marshalls: Another Step Toward Tokyo


‘The March of Death’

‘Sunken’ Carrier Carries On


Navy Medicine

See Your Ration Board

Training Tip: Finding Land When You Can’t See It

Information Your Dependents Should Have

Don’t Drink Sea Water!

The Repair Line Comes Through

NATS Delivers the Goods


Letters to the Editor

The Month’s News

The War at Sea: Communiques

What Is Your Naval I.Q.?

Decorations and Citations

BuPers Bulletin Board