Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin 1943 05 (PDF)


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Number 314 ……. Cover: The Wheelhouse, as it is on other ships, is the nerve-center of a PC boat. Here the Officer of the Deck directs the ship’s movements. From here he keeps in constant communication with other parts of the ship via battle telephone. ……. Articles Inside: ….. The Role of Naval Ordnance in War – Bureau Chief Tells of Use in World War II of Ships’ Guns, Bombs, Torpedoes, Armor ….. New Naval Type: The Amphibious Man – Development Gives Reserve Officers Opportunity to Command, Advance Rapidly ….. 800 DE’s to be Built ….. The Destroyer Escort Program – Some Details of the Craft and How Crews are Being Trained ….. Torpedo Squadron 8 Is Avenged – Pilots of New No. 8 Mow Down Japs, As they Fight From Cockpit or Foxhole ….. How to Live on a Rubber Raft – Hints Taken From a Pamphlet Issued for Pilots by BuAer Medical Report from the South Pacific – Only Seven Patients Die of 4,039 Wounded Removed from Solomons Fighting Zones ….. ‘ Swimming Through Burning Oil and Surf ‘ ….. Navy’s Drydock Construction – Some Floating Types Designed to Handle Largest of Navy Troop and Battleships ….. Summer Uniforms for Women Marines ….. Murmansk: 38 Days, 168 Bombings – Naval Reserve Officer Lives Through Unbelievable Attacks on Russian Port ….. The Story of Auxiliary Carriers – Cheap, Quickly Built Craft are Used for Convoy Work and Transportation of Planes ….. Japanese: Short List of Words and Phrases ….. Publications Check List ….. Ranks and Rates of the U. S. Navy ….. How to Beat the Gremlins – Know and Anticipate Their Actions, Ship and Station Papers Advise ….. The Month’s News: Allies Sweep on in Tunisia; Stalemate in Russia Continues; and Continental Targets Are Bombed ….. Legislative Matters of Naval Interest – Rank of Commodore Restored to Navy ….. Navy Department Communiques ….. Decorations and Citations ( Navy Cross, DSM, Silver Star, DFC, Navy and Marine Corps Medal and Air Medal Recipients ) ….. BuPers Bulletin Board ….. Index for May 1943 Issue