Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin 1943 04 (PDF)


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umber 313 ……. Cover: Twin-mounted .50 caliber machine guns, manned by bluejackets aboard the United States Navys PT boats, carry devastating fire-power. The guns are mounted to swing in a wide arc, will literally spray low flying airplanes with slugs. ……. Articles Inside: ….. The Navys Growth in Fiscal 1942 ….. Excerpts of SecNav Fiscal 1942 Report – Secretary Knox’s Annual Report Reveals Fleet Will be ‘Permanently Enlarged’ ….. One Subs War Against the Japs – An Eyewitness Story of a Year of Night Fights in Enemy Waters ….. The U. S. S. Oregon is Scrapped ( Photos ) ….. Guarding the Navys Eyes – Above, and On – Even Under – the Sea, 20/20 Vision is a Priceless Asset ….. Solomons. Battles Get Names – Results of Six Months’ Campaign are Summarized ….. Action in the South Pacific – ( The Chicago Ack-Ack Crew Sticks It Out ….. Marines Make New War Legends ….. How the Japs React to Invitation to Surrender ….. The Tale of a Dog ) ….. V-Mail Gets Through-Always! – Score of New Stations Indicates New Service has Proven Itself ….. Eighty-Three Days on a Life Raft – Two Dutch Seamen and Navy Gunner Pull Through ….. Combat Photo Unit Set Up ….. The War Around the World – How One Nazi Sub was Sunk ….. Legislative Matters – Rank of Commodore Asked by Navy ….. New Navy, Coast Guard Equipment – ( Smaller Packages Make for More Convenient Handling ….. Navy Gets a Hydroplane Glider and a Fishing Kit for Life Boats ….. New Weather Suit Tested by Coast Guard ) ….. The Navys Short-Wave Programs – News is Their Backbone but They Have Entertainment Too ….. Quarters and Family Allowances – An Explanation of the Two Programs ….. Scrap From the Battle Fronts – Under Enemy’s Nose, Naval Supply Officers Gather Material for Armaments ….. The Destroyer Escort – Newest Anti-Submarine Vessels Now Are in Mass Production ….. Casualty Figures ….. Medals, Decorations, and Awards ( Navy Cross, DSM, Silver Star, DFC and Air Medal Recipients ) ….. BuPers Bulletin Board ….. Index for April 1943 Issue¬†