Brief 1945 09 25 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 43 ……. FINAL ISSUE ……. The cover to this, the final issue of BRIEF, was photographed on Isezaki Street, once the Broadway or the Fifth Avenue of the Japanese city of Yokohama. Today it is shabby and rubble strewn and the big shops, badly damaged by bombs, are either closed or operating part time. Marching down the middle of the road are two Americans and four Japanese. In his story on the next page, “Quaint Little People,” T.Sgt Bob Speer reports that the Japanese are just incomprehensible to their conquerors. They are friendly, curious and humble and they’d go to war again at the drop of the Emperor’s brocade handkerchief. Quaint, perhaps, but not cute. Photo by Cpl Harold Klee.