Brief 1945 07 17 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 33 ……. Cover: Wireman Mounted – This is not a cavalryman patrolling the Mexican Border, but a fighter group wireman at work on Okinawa. Sgt. Clifford Kleinhans, like many another soldier on Oki, added something new to the Pacific war – horses. Some soldiers were interested only in the sporting aspects of the horse, but others found them ideal transportation over the island’s tough terrain. Sgt. Kleinhans, with a tommy gun in the crook of his arm and a field telephone slung over his shoulder, rides communication lines looking for breaks. Oki horses, like their owners, cooperated docily with the invading American troops. Photo by Sgt. Fred Shelton ……. Articles Inside: … The Capture of Colonel Matsuta By S/Sgt Bob Speer and artwork by Charles Overman ….. from Tarawa to Okinawa ( End of the line for a B-25 outfit ) Photos by Cpl. Bernard J. Gallagher ….. Seven More Damned Islands – On an exploring job for the B-29’s, infantry patrols landed on six northern Marianas isles, gave once-over to fortified Pagan. By S/Sgt Bob Speer ….. Forward Echelon. Photos by Pfc. John Modzelewski and Cpl Harold Klee ….. Ryukyus Homes and Gardens Photos by Cpl Harold Klee ….. Editorial – 90 Days or 90 Years? ….. India Wing – The oldest B-29s in the business are bombing from Tinian after an Epic 3600-mile trek. Photos by Sgt. Paul Friend ….. Guam Reunion ( Pvt. Dingo Materne ) ….. One damned island after another. By By S/Sgt. Robert Price ….. Sports – Pitcher’s Year – Red and Sugar Ray By Cpl. Whitt N. Schultz …… File 13 By Sgt. Roger Angell ….. Male Call “Target of Opportunity” by Milton Caniff ….. yen for Dough Photos by Cpl Harold Klee ….. Brief pinup – This charming chanteuse, as everyone must know by now, is Lena Horne. Unlike a lot of singers you can think of offhand. Lena does not need to be heard to be appreciated, although it helps. She has one of those voices that is warm like a torch, but most observers find that merely looking at her has a definite torch-like affect. The gal has displayed her inflammable talents around various top-tier night spots, the movies and the wireless. She is reported to have one of the most highly developed wolf-discouraging techniques in show business, an accomplishment which no doubt comes in handy.