Brief 1945 05 22 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 25 ……. Cover: The forward base soldier on this week’s cover, Pfc Lee Roy Bowman, typifies the reaction of GI’s in the Pacific to V-E Day news. The anticipated excitement over Germany’s unconditional surrender never came off. For most Pacific soldiers, the news was tempered by their close proximity with the still undefeated, still powerful Asiatic enemy. Even while President Truman’s victory proclamation was being relayed to the forward bases by shortwave, Mustangs and Superfortresses were taking to the air. But the news predicted the arrival of new armies and new Air Forces from Europe and anticipated the destruction of Japan. The photograph was taken by Sgt Julius Kupersmith. ……. Articles Inside: … Big League War – AAFPOA’s new three-star commander has a breath-taking plan of disaster for the Japanese. It moved into high gear on V-E Day. Photos by Cpl. Paul Friend ….. Pigs, Poetry and Snake-Eyes – In a screwy place like Okinawa, airmen can expect anything to happen. Latrine casualties, fleas, pigs in puptents are routine. By S/Sgt. Robert Price with photos by Cpl. Bernard J. Gallagher ….. Underground to Palau ( Conclusion ) – The crew of I’ll Get By is rescued from Philippine jungles, returned to Palau by guerrillas. And the fliers returned the favor. By S/Sgt Bob Speer and photo by Cpl. Fred Tambling ….. Forward Echelon. Photos by S/Sgt. James J. Brown, Pfc. John Modzelewski, Cpl. Bernard J. Gallagher, Pfc. Cleve Slauson and Sgt. Julius J. Kupersmith ….. Editorial – Joe and Willy – Brother, are You Welcome! ….. Everybody leaves us alone…. By Pfc. Alan Hartman and photo by Sgt. Henry Krush ….. Subject: Hospital Highway – It just meant another Job and another record broken when these Army aviation engineers were ordered to build a full highway. Deadline: Two weeks. Photos by Cpl. Charles W. Fittipaldi ….. One damned island after another. By Cpl. Richard L. Dugan ….. Servicemen in Sports ….. Sports Edited by Zander Hollander ….. File 13 By Sgt. Roger Angell ….. Male Call “You Never Know Where the Front Is” by Milton Caniff ….. School for Survival Photos by Lt. Stewart Fern ….. Brief pinup – The young lady in this week’s pinup position is Miss Jean Trent. Now of Hollywood and Universal Pictures, Miss Trent came from Denver, Colo. Vital statistics about Miss Trent – her age, waist, bust and leg measurements, are not available. But Denver we can tell you about. It is famous for snow-capped mountains and rarefied air – where things can be seen at great distances. Miss Trent, for instance, was discovered while standing atop Pike’s Peak by a talent scout who happened to look up from his racing form on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Our own Pfc Romeo Dingle, after carefully studying the fine points of the photograph, says that this is no lie.