Brief 1945 04 17 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 20
Cover: The photograph on this week’s cover was taken on Iwo Jima on March 6 D-plus-13. The plane flying away from the camera is a Transport Air Group C-46, which has just dropped a cluster of parapacks onto the runway at Iwo. These parachute runs by TAG planes were a regular feature during the second half of the Iwo battle. The big transports brought in such battle necessities as howitzer barrels, mortar shells, radio equipment, and small arms; plasma and whole blood for the aid stations; and mail for the troops. At first these supplies were parachuted in on the beaches and runways, often during Jap barrages. “Aerial R.F.D.” in this issue tells the story of these runs. This photo was taken by a 7th AAF Combat Cameraman. ……. Articles Inside: … Station to Tokyo – Air Force men can expect a lot of new experiences on Okinawa, our first big Japanese homeland conquest. Here’s what it will be like. By Cpl. William Groppenbacher ….. While You Wait ( Quartermaster Laundry Company in the Marianas ) By Cpl. Zander Hollander ….. Aerial RFD – These flying postmen deliver everything from mail to battle casualties. They go into the thick of the fighting in the course of routine flights. By Sgt. William H. Cunningham and photos by Sgt. Fred Shelton ….. Forward Echelon. by Pfc. John Modzelewski, Sgt. Julius J. Kupersmith and Sgt. Fred Shelton ….. “In Lieu of Quarters” ( Shelters on Iwo ) Photos by Sgt. Fred Shelton and Cpl. Nolan D. Patterson ….. Editorial – To Have and to Hold – Fast Shuffle? ….. Hop-Scotch through Hell – Control tower operators on Iwo had to learn the rules for a quick, dangerous game. Photos by Sgt. Fred Shelton and Cpl. Lyle D. Strain ….. “You bring – I cut” ( Uniform tailoring and the “Engineer Cap” by T.5 Richard Haouturian ) By S/Sgt. Robert Price and photos by Pfc. John Modzelewski ….. One damned island after another. By Cpl. Bud Nelson ….. Servicemen in Sports ….. Sports Edited by Zander Hollander ….. File 13 By Sgt. Roger Angell ….. Male Call “Over Slightly” by Milton Caniff ….. Level bomber ( AAFPOA Combat Camera Unit’s underground home on Iwo ) Photos by Sgt. Fred Shelton ….. Brief pinup – The Information which came with this portrait simply said, “Sheila Ryan, 20th Century-Fox Player.” It did not specify what particular kind of playing Miss Ryan engages in, but if the play suit she is wearing here is any index, it should make a very interesting game, indeed. A usually reliable source came through with the additional dope that Sheila is some 22 or 23 years old, unmarried, and lives with her parents. This source further states that “she is a highly gorgeous little doll, both on the screen and off,” which should not come as news to anyone who is not totally blind. Not that it matters, but our source did not know whether she is fond of any sports or hobbies.