Brief 1945 03 13 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 15 ……. Cover: This week’s cover shows an off-duty moment in the Marianas. S/Sgt John Abraham, 25, of Pontiac, Ill., is taking time out to GI his GI’s. His wash water is in his helmet and he has hung out his wet wash to dry on the cane stalks behind him. Laundry is still a problem in the forward areas, but most men have been able to do their work in bigger containers than a helmet. And if that barracks bag beside Sgt Abraham is full of dirty laundry, he has his work cut out for him. When he isn’t doing his laundry, Sgt. Abraham works as a secretary to Brig. Gen. Ernest M. (“Mickey”) Moore, CG of the 7th AAF Fighter Command. The photograph was taken by Sgt Fred Shelton. ……. Articles Inside: … And No Soap Operas – The Pacific Ocean Network of GI radio Stations will go right into Tokyo. WXLD, Radio Saipan, is typical of how they work. By Cpl. Richard L. Dugan and photos by Cpl. Paul Friend and Pvt. John Modzelewski ….. Friend Dumbo – Those ugly ducklings of Navy’s sea-air rescue teams are the most beautiful aircraft in the whole wide world if you’re an AAF bomber crewman hanging to liferaft, adrift on lonely sea. By Zander Hollander ….. a very Lucky Guy – When it comes to bombing Japs you can’t beat a guy who was a wing-walking artist in the days when Lindbergh was a kid. By S/Sgt. Robert O. Frederick and photos by Sgt. Fred Shelton ….. The Leftover Japs By T/Sgt Richard White and Cpl. Jay Greulich ….. M/Sgt. Sack and Company – The ground crews kept these four winners flying in the 100-mission derby. Photos by Sgt. Fred Shelton ….. The Soldiers Who Sit. By Sloan Wilson ….. Forward Echelon Photos by Lt. Stewart Fern and Sgt. Fred Shelton ….. One damned island after another. By PFC Bud Nelson and photo by Cpl. Paul Friend ….. Down the Runway: Thousands of Teams Make Basketball Number One National Sport ….. Servicemen in Sports ….. Sports Edited by Zander Hollander and photo by Cpl. Pierre Kobylinski ….. File 13 By Sgt. Roger Angell ….. Male Call “Snap-in by Harley-Davidson” by Milton Caniff ….. Ninety Percent Waiting ….. Brief pinup – This week’s pin-up gets along with only one name – Belita – but for a very good reason. Her real handle is Belita Gladys Lyne Jepson-Turner. And to make things worse, she was born in a modest stash in Garlogs, Nether Wallop, Hampshire, England. This trouble with names seems to run in the family: she has two brothers, one named Bertram William Jepson-Turner, the other Richard Lyne Jepson-Turner; (Haw, what!) Belita is an ice-skater, ballet, classical, tap, acrobatic and folk dancer, and also knows how to box, wrestle, fence, paint, do needlework, and play the piano and violin. She speaks four languages and is now employed as an actress by Monogram Pictures, Ltd., Nether Hollywood, Calif., U.S.A. Whew.