Brief 1945 03 06 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 14 ……. Cover: The pilot brought this B-29 into an emergency landing with one engine a blazing mass of flames. The engine extinguisher had failed to check the fire in flight, and the big ship was in a desperate condition when fire crews reached it on the ground. Directed by Sgt John O. Phillips and Sgt Crosby Akree, the fire fighters attacked the blaze with foam and chemicals. But quick thinking on the part of the smoke eaters really saved the aircraft. They threw a cable around the flaming engine, and dragged it off with a tractor. Once clear of the plane, the flames yielded to treatment. Pilot of the B-29 was 1st Lt Alfred Stendahl. ……. Articles Inside: … Sunday Punch – Little Iwo Jima took the biggest aerial pounding in history; its capture makes possible even bigger ones at Japan itself. By S/Sgt Bob Speer and photo by Cpl. Lyle D. Strain ….. The Widow’s Bite – Black as the night they fly in, the P-61’s search out Jap raiders and sting them with a bite as deadly as that of the Black Widow they’re named after. They have a spectacular record. By Cpl. Richard L. Dugan and photos by Cpl. Fred Shelton ….. ….. Lil’ Audrey’s Old Man – A veteran crew chief heads for home with veteran bomber, the Pacific’s No. 1 Liberator. During 100 rugged combat missions he never stopped sweating. Now he wants a new job. By Sgt. Roger Angell and photos by Cpl. Paul Friend and Cpl. Fred Shelton ….. D-Day…in installments ….. Editorial – The Forgotten War ….. Marianas Sadie Hawkins By Cpl. Bud Nelson ….. ….. One damned island after another. By Cpl. Bud Nelson ….. Forward Echelon photos by Cpl. Fred Shelton ….. Bush League ….. Down the Runway: Forward Base Sports Boom at Last Gets Apathetic EM Out of Sacks. By Pfc. James Givier ….. Servicemen in Sports ….. Sports Edited by Zander Hollander ….. File 13 By Sgt. Roger Angell ….. Male Call “Wait of Metal” by Milton Caniff ….. Rinso White? ….. Brief pinup – Those round things you observe in the picture on this week’s back cover, men, are polka dots. While studying them you may also observe that the scene includes one female, Model T-7. The last named item is Miss Toni Seven, who possesses one of the most enterprising agents in Hollywood. He is Russell Birdwell, of 200 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California. Upon request he will send you an autographed photo of Miss 7, suitable for ogling. Facts concerning other things possessed by Toni: she is five feet four and a half, weighs in at 108. Not that it has any connection, but her father once directed a film called “Over the Hill.”