Brief 1945 02 06 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 10 ……. Cover: Ever since July 7, 1944, when Jap shells lobbed onto Saipan from Tinian, foxholes have been in fashion in the Marianas. Since the Superforts moved in, Jap desperation raids have been frequent, although they mean almost certain suicide for enemy fighter pilots. This week’s cover, photographed by Pfc Fred Shelton, shows Cpl J. L. Taylor, Nokomis, Ill., a 7th AAF fighter squadron truck driver, caught by the momentary flash of a searchlight as he watches a night raid from the shelter of his sandbagged foxhole. His helmet protects him against bits of falling flak as well as against enemy strafing. For more pictures by Pfc Shelton on the latest in foxholes, see pages 10 and 11 of this issue. ……. Articles Inside: … On the Deck to Chichi – Two B-24s collide, one catches a 1000-lb. bomb, both return. By PFC Bud Nelson and photos by Cpl. Lyle D. Strain ….. Mariannas Smoke Eaters – The eleven men of this Marianas crash crew have been first to arrive at the scene of dozens of spectacular runway crackups. Their specialty – fire fighting – is a dangerous occupation. By Cpl. Zander Hollander and Photos by Cpl. Carl Calabrese and Pvt. John Modzelewski ….. A Medal for Manuel ( Manuel Cruztantano ) By Pvt. Jay Greulich ….. Action Over Europe – They hold desk jobs with the 7th AAF now, but they fought the Luftwaffe over Germany. By Cpl. Steve Chiani and photos by Pvt. Diego deArteaga ….. Dion, Jose, Jerry, Luis and Jesus ( Marianas boys working for the 7th AAF ) Photos by Cpl. Sydney Sussman ….. Old Soldiers Never Die – These six war weary aerial veterans have been retired after 394 engagements with the enemy. ( B-24s Incendiary Sue, Little General, Bugs Bomby, Little Joe, Bat Out of Hell and Battling Hornet ) By Sgt. Marion Leach ….. “A Better ‘Ole” Photos by Pfc. Fred Shelton ….. Editorial – Are You Government Issue? – Imported Stripes ….. Forward Echelon – Notes from the foxholes, bomb statistics and mission reports which detail, in part, AAFPOA’s war record from Oahu to Palau. Photos by Cpl. Lyle D. Strain ….. Typewriter Commandos By Cpl. Zander Hollander ….. One damned island after another. By PFC Bud Nelson ….. New Top Kick By Pvt. Alan K. Hartman ….. Old Top Kick By Cpl. Steve Chiani ….. Male Call “Cold Dressing” by Milton Caniff ….. Sports Edited by Zander Hollander ….. Pilot vs Torpedo ….. Let ’em eat bread. Photos by Cpl. Lyle D. Strain ….. File 13 By Cpl. Roger Angell ….. The Emperor’s Palace By Pvt William Groppenbacher ….. Brief pinup – Reading from top to bottom on this week’s back cover, we find ( unless the composing room has reversed the picture on us ); Miss Virginia De Luce ( head and shoulders ), half a bathing suit, Miss Virginia De Luce ( thorax and abdomen ), the other half of the bathing suit and Miss Virginia De Luce ( rear echelon ). The rest of the photograph is taken up by a couple of wharf pilings and an inscription. In case any of you men can’t read, go right back to the rest of the picture. Miss De Luce chose to be photographed on the dock scenery because she had just won a contest among the stevedores of Local 573, who chose her “The Girl We’d Most Prefer to Sink Our Baling Hooks Into.”