Brief 1945 01 16 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 7 ……. Cover: Crewchiefs atop port wings help guide blunt-nosed Thunderbolts to new positions at this fighter-base in Marianas. Cockpit position and fat bellies of these ships necessitate extra help for pilots in steering fighters while on ground. Empty bomb racks and covered guns indicate that these P-47s, now the most common fighters in the forward areas of the Pacific, are heading for parking areas. Mechanics ride mid-way out on wings to avoid wash of spinning props. Pfc Fred Shelton caught this striking picture as the line of deadly Thunderbolts trundled along in single file over coral taxiway of their Marianas base. ……. Articles Inside: … DS to an Assault Wave – Eight AAF orphans spent seven of their first twelve months overseas on the water, fought with the Infantry and Marines on the beaches at Makin, Eniwetok, Guam. By Cpl. Roger Angell and photos by Cpl. Paul Friend ….. New Job for the Box Cars – Newest assignment for the Liberators finds them taking Navy officers to act as spotters for task force bombardment of Japanese Iwo Jima. By PFC Bud Nelson and photos by Cpl. Lyle D. Strain ….. What Makes Sammy Run? By Pfc. Richard L. Dugan and photo Cpl. Paul Friend ….. Forward Echelon – Notes from the foxholes, bomb statistics and mission reports which detail, in part, AAFPOA’s war record from Oahu to Palau. Photo by Pfc Fred Shelton ….. Duke’s Dopes – A squad of airforce MPs devises its own method of ferreting out Jap snipers on Palau. Jap-wise, they can smell the enemy. Photos by Cpl. Lyle D. Strain ….. Editorial – Headline Victories – Again ….. Luckiest Man in the World ( S2c Jacob L. Schunk ) By Pfc. Richard L. Dugan ….. One damned island after another. By PFC Bud Nelson ….. Personals By Cpl. Steve Chiani ….. Sports Edited by Zander Hollander ….. File 13 By Cpl. Roger Angell ….. Male Call “Daddy, Would They Bust A Marine For This?” by Milton Caniff ….. Hey, Fellas – Snow ….. Brief pinup – One Hollywood columnist looked at this, smacked his lips, and, with hardly any effort at all, came up with the entirely new label – Blouse Girl. Girl in the blouse ( it isn’t really a blouse but everyone will get the idea ) is blonde Lorraine Miller, who, her agent says, is as smart as she is beautiful. To prove it, he Claims she was salutatorian of her class at Michigan State. A salutatorian, as you didn’t know, is one who delivers a salutatory, which is something pertaining to a salutation, which has nothing at all to do with blouses. Anyway, she has pretty shoulders, which is the reason for her being on the back cover in the first place.