Brief 1945 01 09 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 6 ……. Cover: Capt John H. Allen, 25-year-old chief of the Flight Test section at Hawaiian Air Depot, is an Army test pilot. His story, and the story of the men who fly the kinks out of combat planes, is told on the opposite page. Allen, like most AAF test pilots, is the product of cadet training and his job has all the danger but none of the glamour of prewar test piloting featured in the cigarette ads. Cpl Paul Friend, BRIEF photographer, made the cover shot of Capt Allen just before a test flight. ……. Articles Inside: … Army Test Pilot – The men who check the combat-destined planes leave the decorations and reassignments to the bomber and fighter boys. By Cpl. Zander Hollander and photos by Cpl. Paul Friend ….. Trial by Fire. By S/Sgt Frank Merrigan and photos by Sgt. Henry Krush….. One damned island after another. By PFC Bud Nelson ….. Up from the Boneyard. ( Crash landing of B-25 ) By Cpl. Louis Brechemin ….. Strategic Air Forces – Pacific Wide ….. Opinion: Women in Foxholes? Photos by Pvt. John A. Modzelewski ….. Cigarette Shortage Shortage By S/Sgt. Robert Price ….. King Moe ( Pvt. John Ambrosia ) By Pfc. Richard L. Dugan and photo by Cpl. Paul Friend ….. Forward Echelon – Notes from the foxholes, bomb statistics and mission reports which detail, in part, AAFPOA’s war record from Oahu to Palau. by Cpl. Lyle D. Strain and Sgt. Louis J. Zacharias ….. Personals By Cpl. Steve Chiani ….. Sports Edited by Zander Hollander ….. File 13 By Cpl. Roger Angell ….. Male Call “Dry Run – But All Under-water Shots” by Milton Caniff ….. Winter Sports. Photos by Cpl. Lyle D. Strain and Pfc Fred Shelton ….. Brief pinup – Beauteous Marguerite Chapman, who, her press agent says, has talent to spare, obviously has a good foundation for picture work. If she appears to look coy, it’s because she was told to look coy. If she tries she can also look seductive, alluring, enticing or just plain fascinating, depending on the clothes she doesn’t wear or the poses she does strike, with the help of experts from the public relations staff. This time they settle for coy, altho any of the other adjectives would seem to fit just as well.