Brief 1944 12 05 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 1 ……. The life raft being attached to the bomb release of the seven-ton P-47 on the cover is a safety measure for pilots downed at sea. Thunderbolts in the Marianas stand ready for emergency flights to locate downed airmen and drop the rafts to them. The crewmen attaching the raft to the P-47’s bomb release on a 7th AAF fighter strip are, left, Sgt Frank Williams and Sgt Raymond Murphy. Pfc Fred Shelton made the cover picture. Last year, his photograph of a bomber standing in the rain at night on a Texas airfield, won first award in an Air Forces contest. ……. Articles Inside: … Flight to Leyte – A correspondent flies to Leyte aboard the first transport plane from the Central Pacific to land in the Philippines. From leyte’s airstrip, a C-47 loaded with rations takes off for the front to drop food to isolated fighting units. By PFC Bud Nelson. Photos by Cpl Lyle Strain ….. Hoibert’s Girl – Once a flop in Hollywood, Miss Fixit gets proposals of marriage and 100 letters a day. By Cpl. Steve Chiani. Photos by Sgt. Jim Mooney ….. Mud, Jungle and Japs – Air Force troops on Palau built their runways and set up an airbase despite heat and marauding Japs. By S.Sgt. Frank Merrigan ….. Air War – The Heat is on for the Japs ….. Editorial ….. File 13 By Cpl. Roger Angell ….. Male Call “Miscue At Staging Area” by Milton Caniff ….. One damned island after another. By PFC Bud Nelson ….. Sports Edited by Zander Hollander ….. Chatter’n Patter By Cpl. Steve Chiani ….. Meet the People – WOJG Arthur A. Burns ….. Brief pinup – Pfc. Romeo Dingle, chairman of Brief’s cheesecake Committee narrowed this week’s collection of pin-ups down to Miss Virginia Routh. Dingle’s final selection, he admits, was influenced by Miss Routh’s chummy “To the Boys” inscription. “Anything for the boys” is Dingle’s motto. Virginia is neither a Hollywood starlet or Broadway chorine. She is a radio actress currently appearing on National Broadcasting Company programs and may be found almost any evening around Radio City in New York, in case you happen to be in that neighborhood.