Brief 1944 11 28 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 52
Cover: This week’s cover picture was made right after D-Day on a recently won Pacific Island. The grimy, ragged, battle-weary “ground air force” soldiers are members of a 7th AAF Aviation Engineer battalion which went ashore behind the assault forces and rebuilt a Japanese airstrip while subject to artillery fire and sniper infiltration. It is only lately that the Aviation Engineers have come in for their share of the credit in the forward march of American forces from Hawaii to the Marianas. A recent issue of Air Force magazine told the story of the Aviation Engineers in the Marianas. ……. Articles Inside: … Snipers’ Hallowe’en – Hallowe’en on this Forward Island was dark and rainy. Then the moon rose and Jap snipers tried to infiltrate. By S/Sgt. Paul Slocumb and photos by Pvt. Diego D’Arteaga ….. Bolivar – One year and 81 missions after its first combat flight over Tarawa, the Bolivar went back to the Mainland for a flying tour of defense plants. It was to have been the first 7th AAF bomber exhibited in the tradition of the famed Memphis Belle. But the Bolivar crashed in California and may never fly again. ….. Manhattan in the Marianas – Fighter pilots Down Under make themselves a Stateside fraternity row out of captured Jap equipment. By Sgt. Robert O. Frederick ….. AAFPOA War Record by Hugh R. Floyd – Pacific is Tougher – Military Cargo Plane – Risky Job – Saipan Raided – Phosphorus Bombs ….. Aviation Engineers in Palau – Forty-eight hours after the beachheads were won they landed with bulldozers and graders. ….. Bomber Names – An AAF tradition, they show the airman’s humor and his love for his plane. ….. Editorial – Winning the War in Headlines ….. File 13 By Cpl. Roger Angell ….. Male Call “Truth and Consequences” by Milton Caniff ….. Sunday Down Under ….. Chatter ‘n’ Patter By Cpl. Steve Chiani ….. Meet the People – Capt. Elizabeth J. Woodin – Sgt. Stanley Olszewski ….. Sports Edited by Zander Hollander ….. One damned island after another. By PFC Bud Nelson ….. Helmet, G.I. – Bathtub, sink, bucket, shovel – the G.I. helmet Down Under is employed by ingenious soldiers as an all-round utensil. ….. Brief pinup – This week’s cut-it-out, pin-it-up-and-sigh girl is Paramount Pictures’ tempestuous red-head, Susan Hayward. She specializes in playing hot-tempered, unscrupulous women who like nothing better than to make a man lose his head and forget his principles, wife and three children. As you can see, she certainly can act. Her most recent picture to arrive in the Central Pacific was the film version of Eugene O’Neills “The Hairy Ape,” in which she played opposite William Bendix and lured him away from his Job as a stoker on an ocean liner. What furnace could compete with Susan Hayward?