Boeing NEWS 1945 08 (PDF)


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Vol. XV No. 8 ……. Cover: Here are the tails of two cities. These B-29s, product of the Seattle-Renton team, are waiting in line on Boeing field for “visas” to visit Japan. ……. Inside Articles: …

Arms to the Underground – Where did the French Underground get its weapons? How did trained saboteurs travel between Occupied France and England? The Flying Fortress was in on it as one of the Allies’ secret agents. By Jim Douglas …..

Just Before the Battle – Tuning up a B-29 for combat is a husky project it itself. Latest changes due to combat experience, installation of secret devices, and test flying are all part of the production job at the Wichita plant. …..

Flight Spy …..

Skyentific Studies – There’s more mathematics than acrobatics to modern flight testing and airplanes equipped with special instruments are the flight test unit’s chief research laboratories. By Helen Call …..

Who Wants My Job? – Boeing employees often speak enviously of how wonderful it must be to go on high altitude test flights and how equally wonderful it must be to draw flight pay. But here’s the other side of the story. By Marvin L. Michael Boeing Test Pilot …..

World-Wide Coverage – By Boeing planes …..

Talking Skywords By Fred Hamann …..

Tokyo Diner – Meals prepared for B-29 Crews on Missions to Tokyo …..

Factory Funnies …..

Mustered Out – Kaydets have been tops in the training departments of the army and navy. Now they’re turning to civilian jobs that are as exciting as any were in their military careers. …..

Screwball Predicts – Hep Cartoonist Wows Public by Needling “Inventor”